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Organic Harvest Foods

Organic Harvest Foods

All our organic products are made from all natural organic ingredients sourced... 



All of our Giftpacks in one location! 

Arizona Gunslinger Pepper Sauce

Arizona Gunslinger Pepper Sauce

All of our Arizona Gunslinger Pepper Sauces! 

Popcorn is back!

Our famous Smokin' Hot popcorn is back for a limited time!

  • Local Suppliers

    We've teamed up with many amazing local retailers. Be on the lookout for AZ Gunslinger on the shelves at your local grocer!

  • New Recipes!

    Arizona Pepper is excited to be launching new recipes throughout the year! Be sure to grab our new Cayenne Habanero and be on the look out for a fan favorite

    Pepper Sauce 
  • Recipes

    Looking for the perfect recipe to cook up? Be sure to check in and see what we're cooking up!

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